Trip to San Francisco Tuesday, Nov 15 2011 

I’m headed to San Francisco with Carol. Don’t worry, my home is being guarded by three vicious dogs, my neighborhood patrol, and my two strong boys. I’m a bit concerned that I might gain weight during my trip. The good news is that we will be traveling with my best vegan friends the Homans.They should keep me in line and make sure we have lots of fun. I’m really looking forward to it.  I’ll be presenting the paper, “What Would Jesus Drink? How the Temperance Movement and Thomas Welch Changed Communion” at ASOR.


I Learn a Lot from My Students Thursday, Oct 20 2011 

I had asked one of my favorite students to come by to see me and she stopped in for a visit today. She’s one of the sweetest, most positive persons I know. She’s a Coptic Orthodox Christian from Egypt. We talked about the recent deaths of Christians in Egypt and the protest in DC.

We also talked about how during Lent, Coptic Orthodox Christians abstain  from meat and all animal products. I told her about my current diet and she was pleased. It seems that the purpose behind their fast that avoids all animal products is so that they can return to the diet that Adam and Eve ate in the garden. Interesting stuff!