Back In the 60s!

Here’s a vegan muffaletta Carol and I made the other night. The “meat” was baked eggplant. It was great!

This morning I weighed in the 260s for the first time in a long time. I’m trying to get down to 250 before going back to my doctor. It’s pretty ambitious since I’m not really dieting.  Last time I saw my doctor I mentioned that I had lost about 10 lbs. He looked at my previous chart and said I hadn’t lost weight. When I explained that Christmas and Mardi Gras had happened between the last time I saw him and that I had lost the weight I had gained during that period, he seemed to think that didn’t count.

Well, I’ll show him next time!

Trip to San Francisco

I’m headed to San Francisco with Carol. Don’t worry, my home is being guarded by three vicious dogs, my neighborhood patrol, and my two strong boys. I’m a bit concerned that I might gain weight during my trip. The good news is that we will be traveling with my best vegan friends the Homans.They should keep me in line and make sure we have lots of fun. I’m really looking forward to it.  I’ll be presenting the paper, “What Would Jesus Drink? How the Temperance Movement and Thomas Welch Changed Communion” at ASOR.


November: The Experiment becomes Permanent

For the month of October, I tried a plant-based diet to see if it would help my diabetes. It’s been pretty amazing. I’ve dropped down to the mid 270 lb range and I’ve not done any significant exercise. Now that my knees are feeling better I will change that.

Since my blood sugar has been 100 or less over the last three days I decided to eliminate my last medication. My sugar was 135 this morning. I’m hoping that with exercise I will be able to bring it down even more and end my need for medication. For me this is huge. I’ve gone from four pills a day to none. The last time I met with my doctor my sugar was out of control. He said the next step was injections. I simply couldn’t deal with that.

I feel a lot better on this diet. I eat fish about once a week and I’ve had a couple of Halloween (small) candy bars and one night I ate two pieces of chicken strips once. Otherwise I’ve been pretty good.

Being Bart Everson

During the month of October, my friend Bart Everson and I switched identities on Facebook. I was slightly concerned about the ethical issues, but I was about ready to close my FB account due to some unpleasant exchanges with “friends” of “friends” and was tired of some folks posting negative comments on my links.

Bart suggested we make the exchange in order to see if his friends reacted differently to my posts and, of course, vice versa. I learned a lot about Bart, myself, and Facebook and I’ll be posting more blog entries about the experience as I reflect on the last month. You may have not noticed that in this post I referred to this experiment without elaborating.

One funny story: My friend Adrastos posted a question on my FB wall. He asked who I would be pulling for that weekend. Bart had no idea. He didn’t even know what game Adrastos was referring to. Bart looked it up and chose unwisely. He said that Florida was going to beat LSU! That is not the choice I would have made! Unfortunately, Adrastos sent me texts throughout the game as Florida was getting destroyed!


More later.

Vegan Myths

I really appreciate all my friends who are concerned about my new diet. However, there are a few myths about the plant-based diet that need to be dispelled:

  1. Persons on a plant-based diet don’t get enough protein.  Here’s a chart showing how much protein is available in various non-meat foods.  I get plenty.
  2. Persons on a plant-based diet don’t get enough calcium. As a matter of fact, there’s more calcium in my soy milk than in the 2% milk the other family members drink.
  3. Other myths are discussed in Carol Adams’ article here.

Just ran across this article. It’s even better than Adams’ article.


Sammie and Me

I was worried my blood sugar would be high this morning because I cheated on the diet a bit yesterday. I took Sammie for a long walk to make up for it.

It wasn’t my fault really. I had a migraine and needed caffeine so I drank a cherry coke. I also ate a bowl of cereal right before bed. I’m glad to report that my sugar was once again 116 this morning. I made a pretty good vegan lasagna yesterday from a recipe on the Whole Foods site. Next time I will add some mushrooms. I also sliced some carrots with the mandoline Bart gave me. Thanks Bart!

Three Biggest Problems

I started this dietary experiment at the beginning of the month and it’s been amazing. I’m down from 2 medications and 4 pills a day for diabetes to 1 medication and 2 pills a day. I’ve lost quite a bit of weight and weigh less now than I have since before the Federal Flood.

Three problems though…1. I really miss cheese!

2. I have really bad gas due to the amount of beans and fiber in my diet.

3. It’s really hard to plan for meals. It’s really easy to throw some pork chops on the grill, mash some potatoes, and throw a salad together. I have several vegan cookbooks, but they usually include stuff I’ve never heard of and are hard to find. Yesterday I couldn’t find wheat gluten flour. I did find the tempeh and tahini. Oh well. it’s been worth it.

I Learn a Lot from My Students

I had asked one of my favorite students to come by to see me and she stopped in for a visit today. She’s one of the sweetest, most positive persons I know. She’s a Coptic Orthodox Christian from Egypt. We talked about the recent deaths of Christians in Egypt and the protest in DC.

We also talked about how during Lent, Coptic Orthodox Christians abstain  from meat and all animal products. I told her about my current diet and she was pleased. It seems that the purpose behind their fast that avoids all animal products is so that they can return to the diet that Adam and Eve ate in the garden. Interesting stuff!

Progress Is Good

Great news! I’ve gone from taking four pills a day to only three. My sugar was 103 (or 109) this morning. I’m going to move to only two pills a day soon. This is huge for me because a couple of months ago I was considering talking to my doctor about having Gastric bypass surgery in order to help get my sugar under control and lose weight. I’m going to try to get back on the treadmill soon, but for now my knees can’t take it.

Weekend in Long Beach

This past weekend I was in Long Beach at a conference. While I was there I ate this veggie burger at the Zephyr Vegetarian Cafe. It was great! In fact I had one the next day too.

While I was eating it a guy walked up to me who had just finished eating a bowl full of something there and he asked if the burger tasted like real meat.

I told him no, but that it was very good. He then said, “You are a meat eater right? You look like a meat eater.” I wanted to say, “I know I’m fat, but that doesn’t mean I’m a meat eater.” I told him I had just recently given up meat.

I weighed myself and I’m still in the 70s even though I ate a lot of restaurant food in California. Blood sugar was 119 this am!

Pics of the trip can be found here.